Long Lasting Roofing Material

Metal Roofing Shingles

Metal Shingles are manufactured to appear as asphalt shingles wooden shakes, slate, Victorian, Spanish, or Mission style tiles. They are made to mimic other types of roofing shingles. To prevent corrosion metal shingles are coated and pressed to form realistic looking shapes. This roofing material is also textured, and the finishes are layered during the manufacturing process to reduce telltale sheen. Although they can give the appearance of asphalt shingles, their primary benefit is the far longer service life.

The Appearance of Other Types Of Roofing

As these products are coated to look like their other counterparts, when you look at them closer, you can have a hard time distinguishing them from the real ones. They are coated with granulated-stone-stone topcoats.

Roofing Panels

Since these shingles are manufactured as large panels, installation is reasonably standard. They usually have a constructed size of four meters long. They are meant to be installed individually. These roofing panels designed so they can be set up over one or two layers of existing roofing. However, an individual installation may require a tear-off for them to be applied flat on the roof deck.

Professional Installation

Metal roofing shingles are different than other types of shingles and the installation can produce some unique problems. If you decide to invest in a metal roof and you want it to appear like asphalt shingles, you need be sure to budget for a professional metal roofing contractor to do the install. Overall, this can be a complicated install, and a roof not installed correctly will not fulfill its function. However, a correctly installed roof that is properly maintained can have a service life of over 50 years.


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Prepare For Those Eventualities – Metal Roofing Contractor

Everyone that owns a home or commercial property will be aware of precisely how crucial a solid roof may be. In case you’ve previously encountered a leak then you are going to know exactly how costly it is repairing and maintaining it, particularly if your roof is actually made of a material like asphalt shingles. Maintenance could eat into the savings as well since the very best of roofing will require replacing every 20 years or perhaps so. Nevertheless, one kind of roofing enables you to avoid that. You simply have your Houston metal roofing contractor replace your conventional shingle roofing with metal roofing one time. A properly installed metal roof lasts a lot longer compared to regular roofing and usually carries up to a 50-year warranty.

Metal roofing installation might be a costly business, therefore any suggestions on how to save some money are important. There are several inexpensive metal roofing hints that every property owner must know!

Metal Roofing Repair Contractor

In case you would like a metal roofing contractor Houston to repair your metal roof you are going to want to employ probably the best company for the job. In case you do have somebody fix some errors as well as poor installation carried out by an original contractor it is going to get much more costly so you have to get it right very first time. The very first thing you need to do is to have estimates from different contractors in the local area. Modern technology advances in cool roofing allow knowledgeable contractors to restore an old metal roof to better than new for half the price of replacement

Nevertheless, you want to do your own research into every single metal roofing contractor to ensure they’ve got the appropriate experience and a very good track record. When you receive numerous feedback messages that are particularly good for one contractor that’s most likely your best choice. Never, ever employ anyone with a hint of bad comments since this’s your home also you wish to defend it at all costs. In case you are able to, go on friends’ recommendations instead of selecting someone outside of the yellow pages!

Do it Yourself Metal Roofing Repair

In case your trust yourself to perform a great job at metallic roof repair next go for it. Nevertheless, be sure you do your homework initially. Look at and evaluate the fault since it might be a larger process than you initially believed. In that case, you might not feel at ease performing it. In case you do need to perform metal roofing repair after the evaluation then simply purchase the best materials that you are able to pay for. It’s much better to invest in quality components than ones that will let you down later.

In case you’ve some friends that have previously completed metal roofing repairs ask for their advice. By doing this, you are going to have a voice of expertise to pay attention to without the additional expense. Almost any suggestions that will help you need to be taken. This will help you to be better prepared to for the task of metal roofing repair.

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Setting up a Metal Roof

Check Roof Decking

Make sure the decking on your roof is in good condition. The simplest way to accomplish this is to enter the attic and check for any water-damaged decking sheets. Make sure to give it a full inspection and to fix any issues in accordance with the building codes in your area. You can start installing the new metal roofing as soon as you are sure the structure is sound. There are several ways to accomplish this, including by adding a metal roof on top of the current asphalt shingle roof. It’s vital to remember that one layer of shingles weighs between 2.4 and 3.2 pounds per square foot if you choose this choice. If there are two layers there, the weight per square foot will be between 5.0 and 6.0 pounds. Given that metal roofing is not particularly heavy and that most structures can only support a maximum weight of 10 pounds per square foot, you should be set to go. It is essential to calculate the weight capacity before deciding whether it is safe to place the roof on top of another, even though adding a metal roof will only increase dead weight of 0.8 to 1.5 pounds per square foot. You might be able to avoid paying for a tear-off if weight permits and the under roof is in reasonable condition.

Decaying Or Failing Shingles

However, it will be required to remove the present shingles if they are decaying or failing in order to, at the very least, analyze the underlying structure and determine its safety. Instead of tearing down the old roof completely, you might be able to save money by performing spot repairs before installing the new one.

Metal Roof Repair

Synthetic Underlayment

If you choose to install the metal roofing over your current roof shingles, you must also use a synthetic underlayment (recommended). Following this, either 1″ x 2″ furring strips or galvanized steel hat channel (recommended approach) should be used. Using fasteners that are directly screwed into the trusses or rafters, secure the purlins. Depending on the thickness of the decking material, choose your screw size. For instance, #9 screws work well when working with 1 12″ thick materials, but larger #14 screws are required when fastening the panels to OSB or plywood. Make sure to install the purlins with a maximum horizontal spacing of 24″. Additionally, the valleys must be filled in during re-roofing by at least 12″ from the center.

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Metal Roofing Houston

What To Do About That Old Leaking Metal Roof?

Replacing the old leaking metal roof on your commercial property can be expensive. The cost of the materials is only a fraction of the total of the total cost of replacing that old metal roof. The labor cost for tearing off and disposing of the old roof will be a significant expense, and you still don’t have a roof. Next, come the material cost and the labor cost of installing the new roof. Also, it is likely there will be some interruption to your business resulting in lost revenue.

There’s a Better Way

Using the latest technology from American Weather Star we can now repair that old leaking metal roof to better than new at half the price of replacement. That’s right, no tear off and disposing of the old roof, no expense for new metal material.  The main expense will be for the services of a Houston Roofing Contractor. Roofing is a profession requiring many skills including framing construction, mathematics, and carpentry. Finding just a roofing company is the easy part. After you have your list of potential contractors, you’ll want to request some bids. After all, a reputable Roofing Company will have a busy schedule too, so don’t waste your time or theirs as you may wind up losing the best roofing contractor for the job. So keep the bidding to a select few.

Your Contractor

Once you’ve found the contractor you feel is right for the job, you’ll need to work up a contract. TMRC committed to customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Working with a variety of distributors to provide the best cost we can to our customers. We are  fully insured, and we guarantee all work we perform.

Just a few of the contracting services we offer:

  • Commercial Roofing
  • Metal Roof Installation
  • Metal Roof Restoration
  • Flat Roof Installation and Repair
  • New Residential Roofing
  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing
  • Metal Shingles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Slate Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • Storm Damage Repair

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